Law Firm Presentation Template

Hoge Fenton

Project: Law Firm Master Presentation Template

Scope: Designed a clean, contemporary and functional template that is versatile enough to support a variety of practice group-specific presentations and images.

The working template included 80 different layouts within a 3-color palette. Layouts were designed for maximum flexibility, allowing presentations to be mixed and matched across the 3-color palette, or presented in only one color.

The layouts were clean and user-friendly, with plenty of white space, to accommodate all user levels. For the colors, we decided on a modern, energetic, cheerful palette. Although it was a bit of a shift from the client’s typical color scheme, we wanted to avoid a stodgy, corporate look.

Color Palette


We explored various color palettes incorporating red, which is a key color for the brand. It was important to present modern color combinations where the red didn’t read aggressive or overbearing. The client ultimately chose to use the palette that didn’t include red because it was more flexible and user-friendly.